Some of the fun stuff from Bantoom BBS...which is also be on the web a forum fashion (See main page). 1991-2002 Currently asleep @ (916)

Some of the personalities and history of Bantoom:
 Sysop :
     Ghek the Kaldane (also Lazer Tag King and grand Marshal
     President of the Sacramento 99'ers Users Group - TI 99/4a)
    Green Lantern - set up the BBS for me
    Black Guardian - 75 BBS's he called home! (TI User as well)
    Oramin - chess and fencing master, Lazer Tag judge, ECHS
 Den mothers:
      Kitty Cosmos - a big kitty at 6' 1" and everybody loves her
      Lahrynn - with a modeming clan of sisters and kin
      Lara Lyn - always a party
      Hunter - Master at arms, LazerTag judge, El Camino High School
      Rodman - aka Rocky, SNUG VP,  my mechanic/security pal
      Petrochka - aka Kumba, Waco Kid, Jaguar..Lazer Tag judge
      King of Pepsi - like a brother, mascot of Bantoom, ECHS
      Lizard - KOP's sister...denmaiden of Bantoom, ECHS
      Eternal Yam - denmistress of Bantoom
 Slow Type - midnight pal, independent video/commercail producer
 Lord Darkwater - former roomate, Leader of Ausgang (Band)
  (and lots of other personages I havn't had time to list! Sorry!)            

 Bantoom hit a peak of 22 callers a day in one year, and another two
 years at least at the 21 callers a day level, doesn't sound like much,
 but that is maxed out for a 1 line bbs where the average caller spends
 about an hour playing games, up/down loading, and writing/reading

Some messages from the good old days:

Public Messages 9/01/97 - 9/11/97 80k

Public Messages 9/11 /97- 9/18/97 39k

Public Messages 9/18/97 - 9/26/97 49k

Public Messages 9/26/97 - 10/04/97 35k

Public Messages 10/04/97- 10/18/97 94k

Public Messages 10/18/97- 11/01/97 130k

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