I'm ready to step into my next adventure.....

Ghek and his lightning bolt sword

Lord Darkwater (Pete) sailing in my sailboat on Folsom Lake in winter...scanned with the Artec Scanrom4e at 100 dpi.

Old Man Lord Darkwater and the Sea

Kaldane the action figure from Trendmasters.

Collect the whole set of Edgar Rice Burroughs action figures!

I can't believe what they say: " The Kaldane are pus-filled heads who ride upon headless bodies! Almost unstoppable, the subterranean Kaldane possess snapping claws, mighty limbs and deadly powers of mind control!"....PUS-FILLED!, why I otta, ahh... throw some pus at them.

Read Edgar Rice Burroughs "The Chessmen of Mars" to learn the truth.

Everquest - ghek is a dwarf paladin on Tribunal!

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