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As a fan of BTVS, I am sharing 175 plus original sound files that I have gathered. Of course all rights to these sounds and images belong to Buffy The Vampire Slayer show, Warner Brothers and other organizations I have overlooked. I use them for Windows sound events and when I am rapidly clicking and so forth it sounds like an episode. If your media player doesn't play the sounds smoothly the first time through, just hit your play button and the second time it should be fine. The vast majority of my sound files came from 2 or 3 makers on Compuserve, they are not avaiable elsewhere on the web unless grabbed from this site. [last few updates 11-7-1999, 12-11-99, 08-26-2000 .....site brought back to life on 08--20-2005 probably some broken links still.]

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The Slayeretts, friends and others in alpha order





   Coredlia: Oh look, it's the Three Musketeers.

    Willow: The Three Musketeers were cool.

   Cordelia: I see your point... 

         Oz-"So, do you guys steal weapons from the army a lot?"

     Willow-"Well we don't have cable so we have to make our own fun."

     Giles-"My caclulations are precise."

     Buffy-"Ehh...They're bad caclulations, bad!"


     Buffy-"Who are you?" 

     Angel-"Lets just say...I'm a friend"

     Buffy-"Yeah, well maybe I don't want a friend"

     Angel-"I didn't say I was yours"

    Buffy-"I didn't think there would be vampires on campus, 

             and I don't care"

    Giles-"They why are you here?"

    Buffy-"To tell you that I don't care...which I don't 

             and have now told you"

    Willow-"I mean, why else would she be acting like such 

            a B-I-T-C-H ?"

     Giles-"Willow, I think you are a little too old to be 

            spelling things out."

    Xander-"A bitca?"

     Xander-"Blackmail is *such* an ugly word."

        Amy-"*I* didn't say blackmail."

     Xander-"Yeah, but I'm about to blackmail you, so I

             thought I would bring it up."

    voiceover-"{music} In every generation there is a chosen one she  

               alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the

               the forces of darkness.  She is the Slayer."  

       Buffy-"Well I gotta look on the bright side, mebbie I can

              still get kicked out of school."

      Xander-"Oh yeah, thats a plan, cause lots of schools

              aren't hellmouths"

      Willow-"Mebbie you could blow something up, they're really

              strict about that."

       Buffy-"I was thinging of a more subltle approach, you know,

              like excessive not studying."

       Giles-"The Earth is doomed."

     Buffy-"Now!, We can do this the hard way, or well actually

            their's just the hard way."

     Darla-"That's fine with me." [blonde female vampire]

     Buffy-"Are you sure?  Now this is not going to be pretty, we're

            talking violence, strong language, adult content..."


     Willow-"I can spend my life waiting for Xander to go out with 

             every other girl in the world, until he notices me. 

             Or I can just get on with my life."

      Buffy-"Good for you!"

     Willow-"Well, I didn't choose yet." 

       Buffy-"You really love....Xander??"

    Cordelia-"Well, he kind of grows on you like a chiapet."

     Xander-"Oh Hey, Did you guys hear that ChivoMono's going to 

             be at the Bronze tonight?"

     Willow-"ChivoMono, they're playing?"

     Xander-"No Will, they're gonna be clogdancing."

     Willow-"ChivoMono can clogdance?"

      Xander-"You wanna go to the utility closet and make out?"

    Cordelia-"God!, is that all you ever think about?.......OK!"

      Xander-"Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with deadboy on this one."

       Angel-"Would you *not* call me that!"

    Xander-"Having issues much?"

     Buffy-"I am *not*."

    Xander-"You're having parental issues,

            You're having parental issues"


    Xander-"*What*, Freud would hav said the exact same thing...

            except he might not have done that little dance."

    AlienKenDude-"THAT...was not permitted!"

           Buffy-"Yeah, but it was fun."

     Buffy-"Want to see my impression of Gandhi...*whack*"


     Buffy-"Well, you know, he was really pissed off"


    Ted[John Ritter]-"What?"

              Xander-"Thats the sound she makes when she's speechless

                      with Geeker Joy."

        Oz-"I'm gonna ask you to go out with me tomorrow night...

            and I'm kinda nervous about it, actually. Its interesting."

    Willow-"Oh..Well, If it helps at all, I'm gonna say yes."

        Oz-"Yeah, it helps. It creates a comfort zone.

            Do you want to go out with me tomorrow night?"

    Willow-"Oh! I cain't!"

    Buffy-"I know you meant to say gross and disturbing."

    Giles-"Yes, Yes, of couse. Terrible thing, 

           Must put a stop to it.  Damnit!"

    Xander-"Can I just say 'Gyuunough'"

     Buffy-"I'll see your 'Gyuunough' and raise you a 'Nyuuggough'."

    Miss Natalie French-"Could you help me?" [PreyingMantisTeacher]


     Giles-"This computer invasion that Willow is performing on the

            couroners office..One,one assumes it is entierely legal?"

    Willow-"Of Course!"


     Giles-"*Right*, Wasn't here, didn't see it, 

             couldn't have stopped you."

     Xander-"Well, You know, its the whole sex leads to responsibility

             thing.  Which, I personally don't get.  You gotta take

             care of the egg. Its a baby. You gotta keep it safe and

             teach it Christian values."

     Willow-"My egg is Jewish!" 

     Xander-"Then teach it that dradle song."

      Buffy-"You been drinking coffee again?

            'Cause we talked about this."

     Willow-"HaHaHaHa..It makes me jumpy.  I have to go...away."

    Buffy-"Lie to me"   [music]

    Giles-"Yes, its terribly simple.  The good guys are always

           stalwart and true.  The bad guys are easily distinguished

           by their pointy horns or black hats.  And we always

           defeat them and save the day." 

    Ampata-"I like you too."



    xander-"That's great...Really?"


    Xander-"That's great...You're not a preying mantis, are you?"

    Willow-"What's his number? Oh yeah 1-800-I'm Dating A Skankie Ho"


    Willow-"Really, thanks!  I've never gotten a meow before."

    Xander-"Ahh...You just need cheering up and I know just the 

            thing...Crazy dance party at the Bronze."

     Buffy-"Oh no."

    Xander-"Very calm party at the Bronze?...Moping at the Bronze."

    "Gerrr! Argghhh!" Mutant noises at the end of Buffy credits.

    Drusilla-"I'm naming all the stars."

       Spike-"You cain't see the stars, Love, thats the 

              ceiling.  Also, its day."

     Buffy-"I seem to be having a slight case of nudity here."

        Oz-"But, you're not a rat, so call it an upside."

    Angel-"This could get of control."

    Buffy-"Isn't that the way its supposed to be?"

        Oz-"Hey, did everybody see that guy just turn to dust?"

    Willow-"Oh well, uhhh, sort of."

    Xander-"Yep, vampires are real. A lot of them live in 

            Sunnydale.  Willow will fill you in."

    Willow-"I know its hard to accept at first."

        Oz-"Actually, it explains a lot!"

    Giles-"I'll bring the weaponry"

    Buffy-"I'll bring the partymix!"

    Kendra-"Identify yourself!"

     Buffy-"Back off pink ranger!"

     Cordelia-"Whats the plan?"

       Xander-"The vampire attacks you."

     Cordelia-"Then what?"

       Xander-"The vampire kills you.  We watch.  We rejoyce."

     Xander-"This is a question that no-one paticularly wants to

             hear, but where did they put his head?"

     Willow-"Good point....I didn't want to hear that."


     Buffy-"I can translate american salivating boy talk,

            He says your beautiful."


     Buffy-"Your welcome"

     Buffy-"You guys don't have to get involved."

    Xander-"What do you mean?  We're a team.  Are'nt we a team?"

    Willow-"Yeah, you're the Slayer, and we're like the Slayeretts."

     Cordelia-"Do you know what you need Xander, besides a years supply

               of acne creme?  A brain!"

       Xander-"Thats it!!  Twelve years of you and I'm snappin!

               I don't care if you're a girl or not, I'm throwing down!


     Cordelia-"I've seen you fight, and don't think that I

               cain't take you!"

       Xander-"Give it your best shot!"

    Buffy-"I can just tell something's wrong.  

           My Spider sense is tingling."

    Giles-"Your...spider sense?"

    Buffy-"Pop-culture referance, sorry."

    Xander-"Oh, Hey!  Do you want to come to our place tonight for dinner?

            My mom's making her famous call to the chineese place."

    Willow-"Xander!, Do you guys even have a stove?"

    Giles-"Everything you've ever dreaded was under your bed,

           but told yourself it couldn't be by the light of day.

           They're all real."

    Buffy-"What, you like sent away for the TimeLife series?"

    Giles-"Ah, yes"

    Buffy-"Did you get the free phone?"

    Giles-"Um...the calendar."


      Buffy-"I remember comming on to you...

             I remember begging you to undress me...

             And then a sudden need for cheeze.

             I also remember that you didn't..."

     Xander-"Need cheeze?"

      Buffy-"Undress me."

     Buffy-"Vampires are creeps!"

     Giles-"Yes...thats why one slays them."

     Angel-"What I saw didn't add up to three whole girls.

            I think they kept some parts."

     Buffy-"Could this get yuckier?"

    Willow-"They probably kept the other parts to eat."

     Buffy-"Question answered."

     Willow-"My nose is cold."

     Xander-"Let me get that for you."


     Xander-"Sorry, I cain't help myself.  Your nose looks so tasty."

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