Dreaded Family and Friends Page....

Mom - Nadine Morrow (1930 -1989)

Grandma Morrow(-1982) and I doing shots...

"What channel, Dad?" and my first kitten.

My first working car (orange)...lasted through Jr. High

Blackfoot, Ghek, Seawitch, The Mighty Kim (1962-1980), and Zingen

Grandpa Ivan (-1975) and Berky

Christmas in California...its different out here.

Homecomming 1978, Three Musketeers style: The Italian Stallion (1960-1995) with Critter (long time friend and 4th Musketeer), Quiet (with Red), and Ghek (with Gina - the ARC track team unoffical mascot). The swingset is from my backyard after conversion by The Italian Stallion's dad.

Captain Kim - steering into her future

Seawitch, Blackfoot, and Zingen...all married. (Zingen is loose agin now)

4 spiritual laws, 3 dudes

Hollywood, Lord Darkwater and Ghek...aka: "The Preacher, the Historian and the Prophet. (Campus Crusade for Christ at CSUS)

T or Y or E?

Metrobabe picking our honeymoon destination.

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