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Title: "Sutter Buttes"?
Artist: Brandon Lee Robenson, Fifth Grader
Seen: 1996 Californa State Fair
 AKA: "When Dinosaurs Ruled the Sutter Buttes".

Tittle: "EYES"
Artist: Darren Bowler (Son of CA Assebleman Larry Bowler)
Possesed by: John Christensen

Tittle: "Friendly Alien Girl"
Art-Tech: Ghek the Kaldane
While working at the '97 State Fair Cosmic Carnaival, I snapped 
this young lady's picture with  a Kodak digial camera, downloaded
the snap into Kai's Power Goo, then printed it out with an Epson 
Color Printer...then I used my Snappy and camcorder to turn it 
into a jpeg.  Its not called an Artslum for nothing.

Dagger of unique craftsmanship

A Dagger owned by my friend "Wizard" in Long Beach, CA...
Four types of metal that have been folded many (200, j/k) times.
Custom made by famous craftsman, don't be suprised to see it in
a book some day.

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